Saturday, September 21, 2013

Faux Piped Binding at the quilt show

I was invited to teach the Faux Piped Binding technique at my guild’s (Evergreen Piecemakers) quilt show today.  It was a blast meeting people and sharing the awesomeness that a Faux Piped Binding adds to a quilt.  I had so much fun!

quilt show

If you want to download the free PDF tutorial just click on the picture to the right and you can get started right away.  It is a great final touch on most any quilt!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ballerina Quilt

I finished the quilt for my hairdresser who had a baby girl.  I showed the fabric that I used a couple of posts ago.  My mom gets her hair cut by her too and wanted to make a quilt for her but wasn’t able to because of her back so I made it for her.  She has been so wonderful going to my mom’s house to cut her hair when normally people come to her.  My mom (and I) really appreciate her generosity.   


I used a pattern called The Big EZ which makes a pretty big quilt.  It was the perfect pattern for the fabric I wanted to use but too big for a baby quilt.  So I did the math and made everything smaller.  It worked out great!


I quilted it with an all over stipple.


She also has twin girls who are so excited about their new baby sister so I made them each a pillowcase that match the baby’s quilt.  I used this method to make the pillowcases as well as French seams to finish everything off.


My mom and I invited them over to my mom’s house to give them the gifts.  They loved them!  My mom’s surgery for her back is on Monday.  I am nervous but hopeful that this surgery will allow her to be active again. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Back in the Groove

It’s been a month since the kids went back to school and I am getting back into the groove of having more time to sew.  It’s funny how a little time sewing  tends to make it look like a tornado went through my studio.  I guess I am a messy crafter.  It doesn’t help that I don’t have everything organized yet.  Since everything doesn’t have a place things tend to migrate around the room.   



My new thread catcher thanks to Ginny.  Great for throwing my HST trimmings. 


It is ridiculous how much time I spend looking for a tape measure.  Especially since I have bought so many that I should own enough of them to find them popping up all over.  There must be a tape measure gnome, kind of like the sock gnome.



I’ve been making these cute boats.  I can’t stop.  They are just too cute!



I joined Anita’s Random Sampler QAL and made these basket blocks.  I love the idea of making a sampler quilt with all different sized blocks and really no plan.  So we are just making blocks of all different sizes and at some point we will figure out how to fit them all together.  I am just picking fabric with each block.  No plan.  Love it!  We are just getting started so please come join us!



Another project I am working on is with my 14 year old daughter.  She is in a group at church called Young Women for girls 12-18 years old.  They have a program called Personal Progress that they do year round.  It is basically setting goals and bettering themselves.  They do a 10 hour project each year and this year my daughter’s project is to help me organize my scraps and get them cut into useable sizes like Bonnie’s Scrap Users System so we can make more charity quilts for Charity Quilts For My Birthday.  I thought it would be fun to complete the project with a quilt that she and I make for charity using the scraps she and I prepared.  So we are making a scrappy jewel box quilt.   The deadline to present her project is right around the corner so we are working feverishly to finish the quilt in time.


I’ll leave you with a picture of some fabric I pulled from my stash to make an Autumn quilt.  I’ve been cutting 4 1/2” squares of these fabrics to make a patchwork quilt because I want to try this quilting pattern.


What are you working on right now?  I would love to hear about it.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mom and Me

We have been in our new house for about three and a half months and I love it.  It is so nice to have more room and to have my own space to sew.  My mom joined me and we have had a lot of fun sewing together.  I made a pin cushion for her to celebrate her sewing comeback.


I love the little strip of ruler fabric.



The first project we worked on together was the Hamptons Handbag by Pink Sand Beach designs.


I made mine with 2 1/2” strips left over from a jelly roll I used to make a quilt.  You might recognize the fabric.  It is Fresh Squeezed by Sandy Gervais.    


My mom used a cute roll of 2 1/2” strips and some coordinating yardage she bought at JoAnns to make hers. 

IMG_3335 It is a wonderful pattern with lots of inside pockets.  It was fun to make and is even more fun to use.  I used some stash yardage for the lining and inside pockets as well as the bottom of the bag.


Unfortunately my mom hasn’t been able to sew with me recently.  She has been bed ridden for almost two months.  It looks like she is going to need back surgery again.  It is hard to see her go through this.  It is so hard to be physically limited and be in pain.  I know what she is going through and I finally understand how my husband feels.  I feel so helpless knowing I can’t make it better for her.


I hope she will be able to sew again.  She has so many projects planned and she is sad she can’t work on them.  She really wanted to make a gift for a friend.  So I used this ballerina fabric from my stash to make it for her.


I’ll show you what we made after we have delivered the gift.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Thanks to all who entered the drawing for a copy of the magazine that has my Faux Piped Binding Tutorial in it. 



I decided to pick two winners and they are Judy Warner and Karin!!  Congratulations!  E-mail me your address and I will send your magazine.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Faux Piped Binding Tutorial

I am excited to share with you that my Faux Piped Binding Tutorial was picked up by American Quilter magazine in their September 2012 issue!  So if you want to add a cool and easy binding to your quilt that is all done by machine go pick up a copy!




Or you can leave a comment and I will be giving away one copy of the magazine to one lucky winner!  A winner will be drawn on August 7th.  Good luck!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Feels Good To Be Back

Wow!  I can’t believe I took that long of a break from blogging.  With my back injury and waiting for our house to be built I just couldn’t seem to get to it.  It felt like life was on hold.  I barely did any quilting. 

It was a long recovery but I am feeling so much better thanks to my physical therapy and I am back to doing the things I was doing before last October.  I still have to pace myself but that is my life.  We moved in to our house in the middle of June.  I am in love with this house but especially my studio.  No more sewing at the kitchen table and moving my project every time we sit down to eat.  It feels amazing to have a room that is all mine.  It was worth the wait!    



Because every post needs to have a picture, here’s a little peek at the studio.  I bought these great shelves from Ikea to store my fabric and yarn stash.  The glass doors keep it dust free and I can see what I have.  It helps me shop out of my stash more.  The studio is still a work in progress.  I keep rearranging things.  


It feels so good to be quilting again and to be getting back in touch with all of you.  I spend time every day in my studio and I look forward to sharing my projects with you.  Thanks for all your kind e-mails while I have been away.  It feels so good to be back!    

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