Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

I finished my socks and I love them! They fit so nice and are so warm. I love the colors and I am so glad I got them done in time to wear them for Fall.

Pattern: Basic Sock Recipe (Ravelry link)
Yarn: Koigu
Needles: 2.50 mm, US #1.5

I have been working on my ALQS and DQS5 quilts at the same time. I started my DQS5 quilt because I still wasn't sure what to do for my ALQS partner. She has a list of things she likes so I want to try to keep within her wishes. So here is a sneak peak at my DQS5 quilt so far...

I went shopping and here is the fabric I will be using for the ALQS quilt...

It is going to be a fun Halloween this year. My sister that lives near me and I were going to get together with our families for a little party and trick or treating. And we still are but we got a surprise phone call that my brother (from two states away) is going to be in town on business and is bringing his family to join us! So fun! My other sister that lives about an hour away is going to join us too so she can see my brother while he is here. It is a long way for her family to go trick or treating and we are so glad she is coming. I am glad my sister that lives near me is willing to host a party that just got a whole lot bigger!

Then everyone will be coming to my house on Sunday for my son's 8th birthday. He really wanted everyone to come for dinner. Unfortunately my brother and his family have to fly out before the birthday dinner, but we are excited to have him, his wife (she and I were good friends as teenagers!), and their four kids (one is a baby we haven't seen yet) for as long as we can. It is going to be a fun weekend!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

That Was Fast!

I feel like I just sent my blocks off for the Ravelry Red and White block Swap. I already got them back! It is so fun to get swap mail!!

Here are the blocks from Group A...

And here are the blocks from group B...

As you can see I will need to do some trimming on some of them before I put them together. I think I will make more red and white blocks for a bigger quilt. It would be great to get it done in time to enjoy it for the Christmas season. Wishful thinking, right?

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What have I been up to?

I finally mailed out my Christmas Cottage blocks today. I know, I finished them a week ago. Why am I just sending them off now? The good reason is that I knit a small token of my appreciation for the awesome blogger in charge and the lame reason is that I kept procrastinating tearing the stabilizer off the back of the blocks. I used the stabilizer to keep the fabric from puckering when I stitched down the snow. It is a tear away one so it isn't like it is hard to pull off. But unfortunately when I don't feel like doing something, I just don't do it. Well, that is until the deadline is staring me in the face and I don't have a choice any longer. Ahh, someday I will learn not to procrastinate. Maybe I will get to working on that tomorrow...or maybe the next day...

Since I finished my blocks I haven't done much sewing. I did play around a little with some fabric and stitching but it didn't turn out so great. I need to get serious about the three swaps I have left. Two small quilts and something handmade for a Christmas swap. I think I am going to knit something for the Christmas swap. As for ALQS and DQS5, my two small quilt swaps, I have had lots of ideas but haven't settled on anything yet.

I have been reading a lot. I can really get lost in a book. And when it is a can't-put-it-down-page-turner, I let everything else in life fade into the background. I finished The Book Thief. Wow, what a beautifully written book. A very emotional ending for me. I finished Beside A Burning Sea tonight at my son's soccer practice. I really enjoyed this book. I read Beneath a Marble Sky by the same author a year ago and thought it was incredible. Beside A Burning Sea was very good but not as good as Beneath a Marble Sky. I finally joined and have started to record the books I can remember reading. It is a fun way to keep track.

I have some very sweet friends that remembered my birthday and had some goodies for me. I was out of town on my birthday in August making it hard to get a hold of me. My best friend Joleen took me to lunch and gave me a book on tape, a gift card to Jamba Juice, and this...

Joleen sure knows me! And then my friend Ada from my quilt guild made me this...

I am notorious for throwing my clipped threads on the floor when I sew. This adorable pin cushion/bag is the perfect thing to keep threads from being tracked all over the house on little sock covered feet. It sits right next to my sewing machine ready to catch my clipped threads. I am reformed. Thanks Ada!

I have been knitting pretty regularly on my socks this past week. I am excited to get them finished and on my feet. Funny how one of the balls of yarn seems to be missing the light yellow that the other one has. The socks are coming out a bit different. I think it adds character.

This past weekend my husband went on a 24 hr geocaching trip with his friends. They started at 7am and cached until 7am the next day. They found 90 caches! So he climbs into bed at 7am right as I am waking up. He snuggles up and he was freezing! I didn't mind too much until he put his feet on mine! I hopped out of bed and grabbed a pair of my hand knit socks that I knit a long time ago and that are too big for me. I put them on him and told him that they are wool and will warm his feet right up. Now you have to understand that I have offered to knit him socks before and he always shrugs if off like I shouldn't waste my time. But when I put those socks on his feet and he thought they felt good and they warmed him up quickly, he was sold. How do I know? Because the next day he slipped them on again and wore them all day. I told him he could keep them and I would knit him another pair. He said he would like that. I can't believe he finally came around. Yahoo!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Day

You know it is going to be a good day when it is only 9am and you have a hearty, homemade soup cooking in the crock pot. Yes, it is going to be a good day. I have nothing on the calendar, a rarity for me. I am the master of my day and I say it is going to be filled with the things I love to do.

Now that my Christmas Cottage blocks are done, it will be on to something else. I think I will start planning my quilt for my ALQS partner. I think I will cut another quilt top kit from my stash for the quilt drive my church is doing.

I think I will knit a little on my socks.

I think I will enjoy my day!

Monday, October 6, 2008

One Swap Down

Well the rain seems to be back here in the Seattle area. I love the sound of it on the roof. Feels cozy in my house. I like that it is getting colder and the leaves on the trees are changing to fiery reds. I love the smell of Fall.

It seems the perfect time of year to stay inside and sew. It's a good thing because I am on a mission to finish my swaps. I finished my Ravelry red and white block swap today. For my second block I picked a log cabin design. I am happy with both of my blocks and will be sending them on asap.

I made an extra block in each design to donate to the Leukemia quilts that are made. Our swap coordinator said he would send on any extras we made. I thought that was nice and figured I could make a few extra for a good cause. I also made an extra block for Anita who is in the same swap but a different group. I admired her block when she posted about it and she suggested we do our own block exchange. I really like hers and I hope she likes mine.

I am excited to volunteer in my son's class today. This is my first time this school year. I hope I get to stay in the class and not get stuck in the work room. I like to watch what goes on in class while I work and let's face it, I like to spy on my son. This afternoon it will be onto another swap. I think the Christmas Cottages are the next up.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Scarves, Blocks, and Another Swap

I have worked on a few traveling scarves over the last month or so and keep forgetting to share. I worked on this one on my visit to California. The scarf's owner is going to kool-aid dye it when it's done so she asked that it be knit in light creams and yellows. What a great idea!
I knit a butterfly eyelet pattern and I think it turned out really pretty.

I worked on this one on the plane. I used red glitterspun and used a drop stitch pattern. I forgot to take a picture, so I asked one of the knitters after me if she would take a picture of my section and she did!

I knit my section of this one about a week ago.

It is kind of hard to tell but I knit my section in an all over cable pattern.

I am really having fun knitting on these traveling scarves. I like the challenge of figuring out which yarn and pattern to use on each scarf. I have been lucky to use yarn from my stash every time.

I have been working on my red and white blocks for the Ravelry block swap I am participating in. I joined two groups. This block is for one of the groups and I need to come up with another block pattern for the other group.

My sister Tina and her daughter are visiting. It is so fun to have them here. We are getting some sewing time in but mostly enjoying hanging out together. She asked me if I was going to sign up for DQS5. I have been wondering about that just because I am up to my eyeballs in swaps right now. I finally wrote them all down on a paper with their deadlines so I could keep track of them. I was thinking I should hold off on any more swaps but it was just too tempting. And it was fun to sign up together while she is here. So yep, I signed up for another swap.
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