Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My September Schnibbles

I am sure by now you have heard of A Year of Schnibbles being hosted by Sherri and Sinta. Every month a new Schnibbles pattern is revealed and we have to complete that quilt within the calendar month. The club started in September and I was counting the days until September 1st. I couldn't believe how excited I was to find out which Schnibbles pattern was going to be first. The first pattern ended up being Winter White. I picked out a charm pack from my stash and went shopping for coordinating fabrics. This is what I ended up with.

Not very wintry, is it?

The charm pack is called Celebrate Spring by Sandy Gervais. I used the charm pack for all the squares in the quilt and then I picked out the light and dark pinks for the flying geese, the cream for the background, the green border fabric, and the turquoise binding. I already had the yellow backing in my stash. I am so delighted with how it all came together!

I've decided to branch out in my quilting thanks to my new favorite blog. I love how she has a video for each design. It really helps to see how she does it.

Only two more days and we find out which pattern they've picked for October. Yay!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More Great Mail and A New Knit

I received my DQS7 quilt in the mail! It's from Natalie and I love it! I love the bright fabric and the rings that make a circle around the quilt. It is perfect for a table topper and I can put a vase or candle in the middle. Natalie also included some cute fabric for me to play with. Thanks so much, Natalie, for this fun quilt!!

I've found that I am not much of a summer knitter. I thought I would crank out the socks this past summer but that didn't happen. When it's warm, knitting isn't appealing to me. Now that fall is just around the corner I am craving the feeling of wool sliding through my fingers and the sound of my needles clicking away. So I cast on a Central Park Hoodie! I am thoroughly enjoying the pattern so far. I love, love, love cables and have always wanted to knit a cabled sweater. And this has been a great knit while I watch my tv shows that have started for the fall.

Did you notice those pretty stitch markers? My eleven year old daughter made those for me. I thought maybe she would be a quilter or a knitter like her mom. She dabbled in them both but her love is beading. And I could not be more proud of her!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I finished my DQS7 quilt and it is on its way to my partner right now.   


This quilt was a bit of a stretch for me.  It was my first try at liberated quilting. 


And my first black and white with a splash of color.


I’ve wanted to try both for a while now.  I was so glad to get a partner with these preferences.


It forced me to jump in with both feet.  There might have been a little tripping when I jumped but I got the hang of it eventually. 


By the time I was done I decided that I might have had some fun and might even try it again. 


I hope my partner likes it because it was really hard to let this one go!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Gotta love mail!

There is nothing better than getting a surprise squishy package in the mail! A few days ago I got a package from Rachel and in it I found this cute little quilt! I was so surprised that she had my name for the Summertime Mini Quilt Swap. She called it "Mixing Business with Pleasure" because the hexagons have some sides turned under and some left raw.

It's fun and different!

Thanks Rachel!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Retreat Review

As you saw from some previous posts, I was gone for Labor Day weekend at a retreat. It is through my quilt guild, which I am so glad I joined a few years ago. The retreat was as wonderful and fun as it always is. I enjoy the time away to work on quilt projects without interruption. And we have a blast laughing and enjoying the time together. I would like to share some of the projects that I got to see in progress. I love getting to see what other quilters are doing and I hope you do too!

This is Jeannine and Elizabeth, a mother and daughter. Elizabeth replaced me as the baby of the group. These two are so prolific it is amazing!

By the way, Jeannine broke her arm tripping over her cat but as you can see it didn't slow her down a bit!

Elizabeth has a great sense of color. It is fun to see what she puts together.

P.S. They did have some of these quilts part way done, so don't feel too bad! This is what I keep telling myself!
This is Darlene, who I sat next to. She's lots of fun! Here are a couple Yellow Brick Road quilts she made for baby gifts.

Here is another cool one Darlene made.

Barb is famous for her purse/wallets and makes one or two every retreat.

This scrappy snowflake quilt is amazing!

Barb started this quilt last retreat. She was guild president and as a gift we each made her a kitty block. I love the setting she chose for them.

This is Amber and I love her style. She's another one with a great sense of color.

Judy made this cute alphabet quilt.

I love how Judy arranged these 9 patch blocks!

This was Carol's first retreat and I think she had a great time

Mary made a whole wardrobe of the cutest doll clothes for her granddaughters. I wish I would have gotten a picture of them. Here is her reversible table runner.

Shirley whipped out a couple of these Fraction quilts.

Nan made these two gorgeous Boston Common quilts out of one kit.  I love seeing them together.


I hope you enjoyed the show and maybe saw something that inspired you!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Summertime Mini-Quilt Swap

I finished stitching my mini quilt for the Summertime Mini-Quilt Swap. I worked on the binding today and I was glad that I got to sit and stitch the binding on this quilt today. I got to sit quietly and think about those who lost their lives 8 years ago and about those who are still here and missing them.

I hope you have a moment to yourself today to reflect.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cat Bordhi

It is always fun here at retreat to see who is going to be our neighbors in the next meeting room. I think just about every time I have been to retreat it is a group of meditators and I always feel bad because we are not quiet. Well this time we have a big group of male knitters. Some of them have come over to see what we are doing and shared some of their knitting.

Well Friday night they had a guest speaker. And if you are a knitter you know the woman in the picture with me. Yep, she gets her own post with her name as the title!

The knitter who coordinated her visit came over and told me he had talked to Cat and asked her if she would come meet me before she went and spoke to them. I think it was his nice way of saying don't even try to come over for her lecture. I think he could see the crazy look in my eyes and didn't want me over there scaring anyone. Really though, it was very nice of him to ask her to pay me a visit.

I did my usual act-like-an-idiot-around-famous-people. She was very nice and had to remind me that she is just a normal person like me, embarrassing I know. I just had a problem forming coherent sentences that's all. She told me about her new book coming out and it was so cool to hear her explained it. I can't tell you how bad I wished I has one of her sock patterns on the needles right then. But my sweet husband did rush one of her books over to me so I could have her sign it. It was so nice to meet her and what a surprise to meet a famous knitter at my quilting retreat!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I did it

I am here at retreat this weekend and finished the binding on my Birthday Quilt. I just love this quilt! I thought I would take it outside on the gorgeous grounds and take some pictures. Want to come along?

Hope you enjoyed my little tour. Isn't it beautiful here? I might come back here just to photograph my quilts!

Friday, September 4, 2009

a winner and a quilt

Thank you to all who entered my giveaway! I was so pleased by the response and enjoyed reading each comment. I used an online random number generator to get the winner because there was no way I was writing down that many names to throw in a hat (my usual method). The winner was number 45, Kristine from Lima Bean Home . Congratulations, Kristine! E-mail your mailing address to me at tlcstitches(AT)q(DOT)com and I will get your prize in the mail!

Now, have you wondered how my birthday quilt is coming along?

It's almost finished! I am just hand sewing the binding and it will be done!

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