Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Meeting Other Bloggers

When I heard that Jacquie from Tallgrass Prairie Studio was coming to Fabric Crush in Seattle I was going to be there no matter what. I read her blog and love her quilting style. She has a style of quilting that I am drawn to but haven't tried a lot of. I asked my friend Ginny if she wanted to meet me there. I met Ginny through our blogs and we met in person earlier this year. We get together regularly now to knit or do a little quilt or yarn shop hopping. I have so much fun with her.

I also e-mailed Alexis who blogs at The Quilts of Mimi Park to tell her about Jacquie's trunk show. I was secretly hoping she could come and that I would get to meet her. She did! And it was so fun to chat with her in person.

I first new who Alexis was when she sent me this wonderful quilt because she had my name in the Doll Quilt Swap. I loved it and still do and it hangs right next to my bed over my bedside table.
I am so glad I got to meet her!

Ginny and I snuck into a yarn shop right before heading into Fabric Crush to feel some fiber. Then we went next door to the quilt shop which is open and modern and a very cool space. If you are ever in Seattle you should check it out. Jacquie brought a variety of quilts that showed her quilting journey. I recognized just about every one and enjoyed seeing them in person. She talked about making a smaller version of a quilt first to try out your design before making the actual quilt. She says she usually ends up donating those. She also talked about the different quilting she does on her quilts. Her work is amazing and so artistic. It was fun to hear the stories behind her quilts, and she has one for every quilt. Lots of them very touching. I especially love the quilt below at the very bottom of the picture. She named it Proposal Moon and she is making it for her husband who proposed to her out in the cold, under the moon. It was the quilt I wanted to see most.

So here are Jacquie and I taking a nice picture in front of her famous selvage quilt...

...and here we are being silly because I made Ginny take the picture for the third time because I thought I blinked. It was so nice to meet Jacquie and talk to her in person.

Listening to Jacquie talk made me get excited about quilting. It gave me a shot in the arm that I have needed lately. I have been in a funk. I feel the weight of all the UFOs, all my stash that I am not crazy about but feel the guilt of it sitting there. Listening to Jacquie's excitement about quilting reminded me that it is supposed to be fun. I get caught in responsibility mode and I don't work on things I want to because there are things that I have to or should be working on. So then I don't quilt at all. I am realizing that if I let myself do what I want to do then the momentum of my enjoyment would probably spill over into wanting to work on the projects that I should be doing. I think it could be a win, win situation all the way around.

Thanks for a very fun evening Ginny, Alexis, and Jacquie! I am so glad I went and that I got to spend time with three very talented, very cool women that I met through blogging.

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