Saturday, July 23, 2011

Summer Stitching

Well that ended up being an very long unintended blog break.  I have had lots of excuses reasons but we don’t need to go into all of them.  I have been busy with lots of things and sewing and knitting too!  I am glad I have things to share. 


My kids are home, and it is summer (kind of) here in the Pacific Northwest, and both of those make me so happy.  Someone asked me if we were going to go get the kids’ school supplies soon and I thought no way, we have loads of time.  But we don’t and that makes me sad.  This is my daughter’s last year at middle school and my son’s first.  I am glad they will have one year there together.


My dad retired earlier this year and my mom and dad moved to the Seattle area from California (where I grew up) to live near my sisters and I.  It is so fun to have them here and to get to see them so often.  Fun for my kids to have a grandma and grandpa nearby.  They are having a new house built and it will be done in the next week or so and they can move in!  Very exciting!


Like I said, I have been busy sewing for Gail from The Quilted Gypsy.  She has a knack for putting fabric together and I have a lot of fun working on her samples. 


Tori Q


(what a cute little hand that wanted to get in the picture)


Garden View



Lotus Purse




I got to make two versions of this fun pattern.  When my daughter saw these she fell in love and asked me to make her one.  So I am hoping to do just that in time for her upcoming birthday.


I meet my knitting friends at the library every week and we have all been knitting the same shawl.  It has been so fun to see how everyone’s shawl turns out.  I just have the border left on mine and I have decided to add beads to it.  I have always wanted to try adding beads to my knitting and I am excited to have found a good project to try it out on.  My daughter, the jewelry making expert, helped me pick out the beads and my friend, Betsy, showed me how to put them on as I knit.  It is easy and fun and hopefully I will have a finished shawl to show you soon!

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